Models for Every Body

The body is the next interface between businesses and consumers.


Body Labs has the world's most advanced technology for analyzing human body size, shape, and motion. There has never before been a fully automated, simple way to create 3D body models that can move through the entire range of human motion.

How It Works


Customer provides a 3D scan or body measurements.


Using state-of-the-art algorithms developed at multiple world-class research institutions, we create a highly accurate 3D body model optimized to fit the customer's data.


Customer receives a body model that can realistically be reposed and reshaped!


Speed and Ease of Use

By simply inputting data into Body Hub, anyone can produce a 3D model of themselves that correctly and visually depicts their body shape.

Motion Capabilities

Our body models can be realistically posed, animated, deformed, and taken through the full range of human motion.

Body Morphing

We can reshape a body model: make it taller or shorter, thinner or wider, fitter or more resembling a couch potato.

Shape Statistics

Given a collection of bodies, we can provide an average overall shape, averages of specific parts, and statistics on how shapes vary.


Everything ever made for human beings relates in some way to the body.

Here's why body models are important to our customers.

Retail Apparel


We create digital fit models so that clothing design and pattern fitting can be done through computer-aided design (CAD) software. This significantly reduces the need to cut samples and drape live models. Our technology greatly speeds up the design process and improves manufacturing efficiency.

Equipment / Product Design

and Manufacturing

We provide extensive insight into human body shape, pose, and movement, and create prototype models of designated subpopulations – whether soldiers, basketball players, or sprinters. This enables more exact sizing and fit, and cost-effective manufacturing.

Custom Clothing Design

and Production

We create 3D digital fit models either from a set of measurements or a 3D scan – or soon, photos. From these models, a custom clothing pattern can be automatically generated and sent to production.

Video Game Design

and Production

Using a body model, we can pose the human form and change the shape of the form and pose instantaneously. As a result, video game companies can quickly design and produce intricate games at a fraction of the cost.


Body Labs provides services that range from the creation of 3D body models to custom 3D shape analysis and funded software development.

We create 3D models from scans or measurements, for businesses and individuals. A customer uploads scan or measurement information through BodyHub and we return a corresponding 3D body model that can be posed, animated, dressed, or otherwise manipulated.

Body Shape Analytics

We align and analyze survey data from population studies for clothing, equipment, and uniforms. Industries include apparel companies, municipal work forces, and military divisions.

Software Licensing

Our capabilities can be integrated into and supported by computer aided design (CAD) software and video game tools. We produce and license plug-ins for these programs.

Funded Development

Large entities in the apparel, product, gaming, and government sectors have specific needs for which we adapt our software.


Body Labs is run by an experienced CEO who has a track record of fast growth and profitable exits. Our technical team includes several of the foremost experts in 3D body modeling.

Bill O'Farrell
Bill O'Farrell

Co-Founder and CEO of numerous start-ups, including: SpeechWorks (SPWX), acquired by Nuance (NUAN); CoSA (developers of After Effects), acquired by Adobe (ADBE); and OpenAir (pioneering SaaS company), acquired by Netsuite (N). Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School. Graduate of Brown, Harvard Law School.

Dr. Eric Rachlin
Dr. Eric Rachlin
VP Product Design

Senior Research Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Perceiving Systems Department; Sc.B Applied Math/Computer Science, Brown University; Master and PhD Computer Science, Brown University. Tech half of

Alex Weiss
Alex Weiss
VP Software Development

Computer Vision Research Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Perceiving Systems Department & Brown University, Computer Science Department; Sc.B Applied Math/Computer Science, Brown University.

Prof. Michael Black
Prof. Michael Black
Board Member

International expert in computer vision. Inventor of licensed technology. Director, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Perceiving Systems Department; Adjunct Professor (Research), Brown University; Honorary Professor, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.

Paul Melnikow
Senior Software Engineer

Julia Gilroy
Director of Business Development

Sonny Hu
Software Engineer

Lisa Uible
Software Engineer

Chenyang Liu
Software Engineer

Victor Alvarez
Software Engineer

Evan Pepper
Operations Manager


Join a funded, early-stage start-up with proven scientific software at its core.

We work in Union Square, Manhattan, and our team is dynamic, smart, and experienced.


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