BodyHub: Scan or Measurements to a 3D Body Model

This video shows a body model that has been created from a 3D scan via Unlike a raw 3D scan, this body model can be dressed and posed within CLO3D, a 3D apparel CAD program.

3D model dressed using CAD software

This video shows being used to create a 3D body model from a scan and a set of measurements.

Automatic Pattern Resizing

This video demonstrates how Body Labs can change the measurements of one of our 3D body models and simultaneously deform both the 3D pants and the 2D pants pattern. The result is that we can generate a new pattern to fit each new body.

The initial body model was created from a scan taken using first generation XBOX Kinect.

Model from Scan

This video shows an example of a posable and animated 3D body model (right) created from a 3D point cloud (left), which was obtained using a high-resolution 3D body scanner.

The raw scan data provides a static snapshot of a person's 3D shape, but importing this scan data into 3D CAD software and incorporating it into a design workflow is extremely cumbersome. In contrast, the 3D body model provides the digital equivalent of a real-life fit model.

Our models can be realistically reposed, measured, landmarked, and accurately compared to other body shapes.

Scans to Avatars: Technology Overview

How can we take a 3D body scan and turn it into an accurate, posable and realistic 3D model?

This video provides a detailed look at Body Labs' state-of-the-art technology for converting scans to avatars. This technology is the product of almost a decade of research and has been licensed from Brown University and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

In this video you'll see:

  1. Construction of a 3D body model from a database of 3D scans
  2. Extraction of accurate body measurements from the avatar
  3. Animation of the avatar with realistic non-rigid deformations that are learned from examples
  4. Editing body shape to create new bodies or to change the shape of a scanned body
  5. Dressing any body shape in clothing that fits properly and deforms realistically

The models we produce from 3D scans or anatomical measurements look realistic, deform like real people, and can serve as a proxy for clothing shopping or clothing try-on.