Body Labs is a horizontal solution provider of human-aware AI that understands the way we move and how we’re shaped to make our world more personal. We are comprised of the best in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and body modeling. It’s our mission to deliver human-aware AI as the next digital platform to empower the capture and use of 3D body motion and shape for numerous industries.

Our Founders

Body Labs is run by an experienced CEO who has a track record of fast growth and profitable exits. Our technical team includes several of the foremost experts in 3D body modeling, computer vision and machine learning.

Bill O’Farrell

CEO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder and CEO of numerous start-ups, including: SpeechWorks, acquired by Nuance, CoSA (developers of After Effects), acquired by Adobe; and OpenAir acquired by Netsuite. Graduate of Brown, Harvard Law School.

Dr. Eric Rachlin

CTO & Co-Founder

Senior Research Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Perceiving Systems Department; Sc.B. Applied Math/Computer Science, Brown University; Master and Ph.D. Computer Science, Brown University.

Alex Weiss

VP Software Eng. & Co-Founder

Computer Vision Research Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Perceiving Systems Department; Brown University, Computer Science Department; Sc.B. Applied Math/Computer Science, Brown University.

Dr. Michael Black

Co-Founder & Science Advisor

International expert in computer vision. Inventor of licensed tech. Director, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Perceiving Systems Department; Adjunct Professor, Brown University; Honorary Professor, Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen.

Engineering Team

Di Zhang

Machine Learning & Computer Vision Engineer

University of Washington, Ph.D.

David Smith

Senior Machine Learning & Computer Vision Engineer

UMass, Amherst, M.S.

Evan Lee

Software Engineer

Stanford University, M.S.


Javier Romero

Senior Machine Learning & Computer Vision Researcher

KTH Royal Institute of Tech., Ph.D.

Joseph White

Software Engineer

Lafayette College, B.A.


Martin Kristiansen

Machine Learning Engineer

Aarhus University, Ph.D.


Matt Loper

Senior Machine Learning & Computer Vision Researcher

Brown University, M.Sc.

Max Dumas

Software Engineer



Naina Prasad


Columbia University, B.S.

Nicolas Heron

VP of Engineering

ISEN (France), M.Sc.

Paris Mavroidis


Pratt Institute, MFA

Peter Liu

Software Engineer

Stony Brook University, M.S.

Sasha Verma

Software Engineer

University of Pennsylvania, BSE


Scott Munson

Software Engineer

Skidmore College, B.S.


Sonny Hu

Senior Machine Learning & Computer Vision Engineer

Columbia University, M.S.

Tyler Parker

Software Engineer

Brown University, Sc.B.


Thea Hinkle

Machine Learning Engineer

UW-Madison, M.Sc.

Quinn Maurmann

Software Engineer

Brown University, B.Sc.

Business Team

Ali Javid

VP of BD & Dev. Relations

University of Washington, BBA

Elena Pejic

3D Designer

University of Central Florida, BFA

Flo McDavid

Director of BD

Columbia University, B.S.

Jason Gelman

VP of Finance & General Counsel

Duke University, J.D.

Jessica Purmort

Project Manager

Columbia University, MPH

Jon Cilley

VP of Marketing

University of New Hampshire, B.S.

Julia Gilroy

Director of Operations

Columbia University, MBA

Melissa Walker

Scanning Assistant

Columbia University, M.A.

Nathan Ghabour

Product Manager

Cornell University, B.S.

Nico Bishop

Creative Director


Shin Woon

Sales Manager

Columbia University, B.A.

Tash Bakht

Operations Associate

Dartmouth College, B.A.