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How to Use 3D Body Imaging to Innovate In the Apparel or Footwear Industry

Learn how 3D imaging of the human body has the power to change the way you think about the economics of apparel and footwear design in this educational session hosted by and presented by Body Labs.

Body Labs Overview

Body Labs collects, digitizes and organizes all of the data and information related to human body shape, pose and motion. Our mission is to transform the human body into a digital platform upon and around which goods and services can be designed, produced, bought and sold.

Dyna: A Model of Dynamic Human Shape in Motion

To look human, digital full-body avatars need to have soft-tissue deformations like those of real people. Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems uses soft-tissue deformations from examples using a high-resolution 4D capture system and a method that accurately registers a template mesh to sequences of 3D scans.

SMPL: A Skinned Multi-Person Linear Model

Skinned Multi-Person Linear model (SMPL) is a skinned vertex-based model that accurately represents a wide variety of body shapes in natural human poses.

Body Labs x Mixamo: Kinect to Fuse

Put yourself in a video game. Watch as a scan taken with BodySnap (using the Microsoft Kinect) is converted to a body model and uploaded to Fuse, where it is dressed and animated.

Paul and Matt at Thoughtworks & Volumetric Society

Body Labs engineers Paul and Matt present Body Snap, a scanning app for the Microsoft Kinect.

NY Tech Meetup

Body Labs presentation at NY Tech Meetup.

MoSh: Learn how body models are animated w/ Motion and Shape Capture

Learn more about the tech behind our body model’s realistic animation. This video explains a novel approach to animation called MoSh (Motion and Shape capture), that automatically extracts body surface motion from mocap data.

BBC Click report on Body Labs

Learn how we make scans come to life. BBC Click reports.

Body Labs X CLO3D

Test the fit of your clothing on your digital fit model or on any body. With Body Labs’ robust animation capabilities, 3D body models can perform any motion within an apparel CAD program.

3D Body Model and 2D Pants Pattern Demo

This proof-of-concept application illustrates how our technology could enable the automatic resizing of clothing patterns around a new person, while maintaining the exact fit of the original garment. This feat is made possible by our body model’s point-to-point correspondence — the ability to keep track of each and every point on the body across different shapes and poses.

3D model dressed using CAD software

This video shows a body model that has been created from a 3D scan. Unlike a raw 3D scan, this body model can be dressed and posed within CLO3D, a 3D apparel CAD program.

Full Body Scan to 3D Body Model

See how we bring 3D scans to life using our statistical model of human shape and pose.