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We use artificial intelligence to accurately digitize 3D body shape referencing 3D scans, hand measurements or 2D imagery. The end result is a 3D body model or foot model that can be easily measured, animated or analyzed.

Design Around Your Target Customers

Easily integrate with computer-aided design (CAD) programs to design around your fit model or target customer’s 3D body shape and measurements. This empowers you to render garments or other physical products in 3D and detect fit issues quickly — without creating physical samples.

Kickstart Innovation for Your Business

Below are just a few examples of how our professional services team has helped clients in the past. Submit your request at the bottom of this page and we’ll evaluate whether your project is a match for our professional services team.

Scan Processing

Using our AI, we can reference complete, partial or low-quality 3D scans to accurately create 3D digital body or foot models. Unlike static scans, our models can be easily reposed, measured and analyzed.

Virtual Fit Model

Digitize and grade your fit model that can then be easily uploaded to CAD programs, where you can design, measure and customize in 3D — without creating time-consuming and expensive physical samples.


Animate any body model by easily applying motion capture sequences — even if the sequence was not originally captured by the same subject.

Sizing Studies

We can help with data collection or provide data sets for large-scale sizing studies. This enables you to tune grading rules and size charts for a fit that’s personalized for your customers.

Population Analysis

Your business can dive deep into body and foot shape variances across your target customer populations or subpopulations. As a result, you can understand trends across groups of customers.

Product Development

Study and analyze body shape for custom design, manufacturing and research.