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blame fit as major reason for returning clothes.


would purchase more if fit was not an issue.


of all clothing gets returned.


reduction in returns for early users of Blue.


Solving the fit problem with AI

Through an easily embedded Web interface, Body Labs Blue uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to reference just the height and weight of your customers to predict 19 highly accurate additional measurements ideal for custom clothing or sizing recommendations. To help ensure accuracy, your customers can also refine six-key measurements predicted by Blue. This enables your business to deliver clothing customization and standardization that scales for any purchase volume or web traffic.

Accuracy you can trust

Body Labs Blue’s statistical measurements are fueled by our machine learning algorithms and our model of human shape. With just six-key measurements, we deliver sub-centimeter accuracy on average. Body Labs is committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy by conducting extensive testing to validate the precision and consistency of Blue’s predicted measurements.

Consistency you can depend on

Body Labs Blue takes measurements from the same landmarked locations across every customer regardless of their shape or size. This empowers your business to finally avoid human error, standardize customer measurements and streamline custom clothing production. Blue’s measurement capabilities will always be expanding and if you have any suggestions we will gladly take them into consideration.

Customer data you can believe in

For the first time ever, you can understand what your customers — or population of customers — look like from top-to-bottom globally. This provides you with the ability to adjust sizing charts, update grading rules, improve inventory management and get to market faster.

Deploy at your convenience

Body Labs Blue has an easily embedded interface that can be deployed on your website the same day you purchase. No hassles. No endless development cycles. Just fast, easy and seamless access to your customers’ measurements when you need them.

Customize, integrate or modify Blue using APIs

Body Labs Blue’s API enables you to build on top of our technology to serve your specific business needs. Our API enables your designers and developers to easily build sizing recommendation engines, virtual try-on applications and more. Access to both the Blue Web interface and API is included with each purchase.

Proven to work

Body Labs Blue users on average see a reduction in clothing returns by more than 40 percent, better conversion rates, more repeat business, increases in Web traffic and higher-volume purchases.

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