Instant scan to 3D model processing

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Body Labs Red is the first and only solution to process scan data automatically into Body Labs’ industry-leading 3D digital body models. Using Red’s APIs, you can easily integrate with a series of supported scanners — whether it’s mobile scanning hardware such as the Microsoft Kinect or high-end dense surface capture devices such as 3dMD. Red’s APIs also empower developers to seamlessly integrate and import our accurate 3D body models into third-party software to efficiently go from scan to application instantly.

How Body Labs Red Works


Scan body or feet with supported scanner



Process scan into 3D body or foot model


Import 3D model into third-party software

Test our body or foot models today

Red enables you to process scan data into our 3D body or foot models for easy integration. Our body models can be measured, reposed, animated and averaged to give you the most comprehensive 3D data about your customers or users in the market.

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Integrating our Body or Foot Models

Design in 3D Instantly

Easily convert static scans into our reposable 3D body models to directly import into computer-aided design (CAD) programs. Digitize your fit model or visualize your grading rules with our body models to simplify your design process.

Conduct shape-based fitness analytics

Integrate our body models into fitness applications to correlate shape analytics — such as weight loss or muscle growth — alongside third-party fitness data for individuals or groups or users.


Plug into animation software

Easily add textures and integrate processed body models into animation, gaming or virtual reality applications. Animate any body model by easily applying motion capture sequences — even if the sequence was not originally captured by the same subject.